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The Kurio Story

We can leverage our team of mentors, resources, and relevant experiences to launch Kurio within an existing co-working community that serves as a home for the professional and spiritual growth of Christ centered businesses in The City of Houston and beyond.

Each day, business leaders face challenges, opportunities, and decisions with significant downstream impact. This considerable responsibility may cause them to feel lonely at the top. The weight can be immense, but so is the reward—particularly in pursuit of honoring God by how they run their companies. Eliminating the daylight between our faith and work requires diligence.

The Kurio Workspace at the Cannon Downtown

The Kurio Framework

A business can be great and accomplish its greater purpose by fulfilling each layer of the Framework—anchoring in biblical core principles, identifying an annual primary focus, setting objectives for each area of the business that support the primary focus, defining measurable goals for the objectives, and executing the necessary actions.

Aligned in Faith

Leaders who build and reinforce a strategic plan based upon this framework equip their organizations with meaningful work and critical direction. This alignment leads to improvements in employee engagement, decision-making, and business performance.